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Careless Driving

Careless Driving

Using RRM Law to Contest a Careless Driving Ticket: Your Legal Options

Managing a careless driving ticket necessitates tactical legal assistance. There are severe consequences if you enter a guilty plea.

Comprehending Careless Driving: This offense covers a range of driving situations, frequently resulting from collisions. If driving is determined to be done carelessly or without regard for other people, this applies.

Penalties for Careless Driving:

As per the Highway Traffic Act, penalties include:

- 6 demerit points

- A speeding ticket with fines ranging from $400 to $2,000

- Possible license suspension for up to two years

- Potential six-month imprisonment

- Increased Insurance Rates: Expect elevated premiums for at least three years.

How RRM Law Can Help:

Our team at RRM Law works to have charges dropped or minimized. If not successful, we work to protect your license, lessen demerit points, minimize fines, and lessen the effects. We make a concerted effort to keep people out of jail in extreme circumstances.

Our Approach to Careless Driving Cases:

1. Thorough Case Review: We meticulously examine the circumstances surrounding your ticket.

2. Legal Advocacy: Our experienced attorneys craft compelling arguments to contest the charge.

3. Negotiation Skills: We leverage negotiation tactics to secure favorable outcomes.

4. Client-Centered Approach: Your needs and concerns are at the forefront of our representation.

5. Court Representation: RRM Law stands by your side in court, advocating for your rights and interests.

6. Post-Case Support: Even after your case is resolved, we provide ongoing support and guidance.

Don't face a Careless Driving charge alone. Contact RRM Law today for expert legal assistance tailored to your needs.

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