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Certified True Copies

Certified True Copies: Ensuring Authenticity with RRM LAW

Understanding Certified True Copies

You can be asked to submit important documents like passports, birth certificates, identity cards, or academic records in a variety of applications or as supporting paperwork. A certified true copy, often called a notarized copy, is usually accepted in place of the original document. This reduces the possibility that your original documents which may be expensive and time-consuming to replace will be misplaced or destroyed.

Role of a Notary Public

Most jurisdictions require the services of a Notary Public in order to receive a certified true copy of an original document. By attesting to the authenticity of a photocopy of your original document with our signature, seal, and a statement on the copy itself, we at RRM LAW certify it. This guarantees to the receiver that the duplicate in their possession is an authentic replica of the original document.

Instances Requiring Certified True Copies

Certified copies are widely used in government, business, and academic settings. While businesses frequently need verified copies of occupational documents, universities overseas may seek certified copies of degrees and academic records. For licensing purposes, regulatory agencies may request certified copies of identity and qualification documents. Furthermore, certified copies can be required for continuing reporting requirements, including stock exchange Personal Information Forms. Applications for visas to travel, work, or study abroad frequently require certified true copies of passports, marriage licences, birth certificates, and name change certificates.

Professional and Trade Licensing

For post-secondary education, professional or trade licences, and academic records, certified authentic copies may be needed both domestically and internationally. Transcripts, degrees, diplomas, and evidence of citizenship and residency are a few examples of these documents. Moreover, copies may need to be notarized and even "Apostilled" or "Legalised" by the relevant Consulate or Embassy in order to comply with regulations set forth by foreign professional licensing agencies and other organisations.

Rely on RRM LAW for Certified True Copies

RRM LAW is ready to help you quickly and effectively when you need certified copies of your important documents. Our knowledgeable Notaries can guarantee that your documents are securely and precisely certified, fulfilling all legal requirements, with only a click or phone call.

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