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Understanding Notarized Consent to Travel Letters for Minors

Many governments, including Canada's, have enacted special laws pertaining to minors under the age of 18 travelling without both parents in light of growing worries for the safety and wellbeing of minors while travelling.

Why a Notarized Consent to Travel Letter is Necessary?

In order to prove parental or guardian approval for a juvenile to cross international borders, whether travelling with an adult or alone, several nations now require the presentation of a notarized consent to travel letter as documentary evidence. This requirement supplements the guidelines established by official authorities and airlines.

Importance of Notarization

It's important to remember that because travel consent forms and basic letters are so easy to falsify, border officers may reject them if they are not notarized by a licensed notary public. Therefore, notarization gives the document an additional degree of legitimacy and authenticity.

When is a Notarized Travel Consent Needed?

1. Child Travelling With One Parent: If a minor is travelling with only one parent, the absent parent is generally expected to provide notarized consent.

2. Child Travelling Alone or With Another Adult: When a minor is travelling alone or accompanied by an adult other than a parent, both parents (or the sole documented custodial parent) must provide notarized travel consent.

3. Child with Sole Parental Custody: If a minor has only one parent, as indicated by the child's birth certificate, a notarized copy of the birth certificate or the original may suffice as proof allowing for travel.

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