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Disobeying Signs

Disobeying Road Signs

Disobeying a stop sign or failing to stop may seem like a small infraction, but the effects can last for at least three years and have a substantial impact on your driving record and insurance costs.

Recognizing the Offense

This infraction happens when a driver, even in the absence of approaching traffic, does not stop completely at a designated stop sign. Even though it seems harmless, failing to stop completely is a driving infraction and is one of the most frequent offenses under the Highway Driving Act.


- Accumulation of 3 demerit points

- Imposition of an $85.00 set fine

- Record of conviction on your driving history for a period of 3 years

How RRM Law Can Assist You

At RRM Law, we recognize the significance of taking exact action against infractions of Failure to Stop - Disobeying a Stop Sign. Our legal staff is dedicated to fighting for your rights and reducing the negative effects of these charges on your insurance rates and driving record. We put a lot of effort into navigating the legal nuances so that your driving privileges are protected.

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