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Divorce in Ontario: Understanding the Process with RRM Law

The federal Divorce Act, which states that a judge may grant a divorce when there has been a "breakdown of the marriage," is a legal guide for married couples seeking a divorce in Ontario.

While a divorce can only be granted by a court, a separation agreement can be finalized extrajudicially. The onus is on the parties who are divorcing to prove to the judge that the marriage has truly failed.

What is a Divorce Order?

In Ontario, a divorce order is a formal court document that completes a marriage's breakup. 31 days after it is granted, it becomes operative. A certificate of divorce, which serves as legal documentation of the divorce date, may be requested by either party from the court.

When two people have been apart for a year or more, or when one of them can demonstrate that the other has been harsh or unfaithful, the law acknowledges a breakdown. In reality, the majority of couples use the one-year separation period as justification for filing for divorce.

Understanding "No-Fault" Divorce

"No-fault" divorce permits the breakdown of a union without requiring proof of misconduct on the part of either partner. Couples can dissolve their marriage happily and blame-free with this method. Given that there are a number of reasons why marriages cannot be saved, no-fault divorce offers couples who want to dissolve their partnership a simplified procedure.

The no-fault approach to family law in Ontario means that the cause of divorce has no bearing on a party's rights to support, parenting plans, or property split.

Simple situations can be resolved in a matter of months, but divorce necessitates a year-long term of separation. An Expert Family Lawyer makes sure rights are upheld at every stage of complicated cases.

How Do We Assist?

At RRM Law, our team helps navigate the divorce process by:

- Establishing your goals regarding relevant case issues.

- Explaining legal implications and the divorce process.

- Providing regular updates on case status.

- Negotiating on your behalf.

- Drafting your Separation Agreement outlining terms.

- Assisting with court documents and representation.

- Enforcing agreements or court orders.

We understand the challenges of relationship breakdowns and strive for efficient resolutions with empathy and professionalism. Get in touch with us today and allow us to support you during these challenging circumstances.

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