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Failing To Stop

Failing to Stop: Legal Defense with RRM Law

It's a significant infraction that could have a long-term effect on your insurance rates to run a red light. This charge is frequently viewed by insurance companies as a serious offense, which could result in premium increases.

If you are found guilty of running a red light, you will receive three demerit points in addition to a $260.00 fixed fine + fee. Your driving record will be affected by this conviction for three years.

Definition of “Red Light – Fail to Stop”

Every driver approaching a traffic control signal with a circular red indication, or red light, is required by Ontario Highway Traffic Act Section 144(18) to stop their car and wait for a green indication before continuing.

The Way RRM Law Can Help

We at RRM Law are ready to contest your failure to stop at a red light traffic ticket. Before defending you in court, our staff painstakingly prepares every case by obtaining and going over the police officer's notes and disclosure material. This proactive strategy guarantees that we have all we need to stand up for your rights and mount a strong defense.

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