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Speeding Tickets in Brampton, Ontario

In Brampton, Ontario, speeding is a regular traffic infraction that carries fines, penalty points, and other consequences. Regardless of whether you were caught going faster than the speed limit on a public road or a residential street, it's critical to comprehend the repercussions and your options for handling a speeding ticket.

The severity of the infraction determines the Brampton speeding fine. The amount that you violate the speed limit raises the amount of the fine. Furthermore, you usually get demerit points added to your driving record as a result of speeding fines. Too many demerit points can result in suspension of your license, higher insurance costs, and other repercussions.

There are various ways to handle a speeding citation you've been given in Brampton. You have the option to pay the fine, which will reflect the ticket on your driving record and be considered an admission of guilt. As an alternative, you could decide to challenge the ticket in court. This entails presenting your case before a judge and refuting the evidence the issuing officer offered.

Getting legal counsel from a skilled traffic attorney, such as those at RRM Law, can be quite beneficial if you have a speeding ticket in Brampton. A knowledgeable attorney from our staff can carefully examine the details of your ticket, evaluate the merits of your case, and, if needed, offer knowledgeable counsel in court. We can also provide tactical advice on how to best avoid having a speeding ticket negatively affect your driving record and insurance costs. You can be sure that when RRM Law is on your side, your case will have the greatest possible outcome because you will receive individualized legal representation that is tailored to your unique circumstances.

  The traffic attorneys at RRM Law are well-versed in the gravity of speeding citations and the possible negative effects they may have on your finances and driving privileges. To guide you through the legal system and secure the best result for your case, we are dedicated to providing individualized legal counsel.

Get in touch with RRM Law right away if you need professional legal counsel and representation if you were given a speeding ticket in Brampton. Our goal is to uphold your rights and represent your interests.


It can be tempting to just pay the money on a lot of traffic citations rather than deal with the headache of contesting the ticket.

Speeding Fines Are Higher Than You May Imagine The possible cost to you for speeding violations is far more than the ticket fine. The real expenses begin after you pay the ticket and enter a guilty plea. These include the loss of demerit points on your driving record as well as the financial strain of increased auto insurance rates for a minimum of three years.


Section 128 of the Highway Traffic Act deals with speeding tickets. Your driving record may receive demerit points if you are found guilty of speeding. The amount of kilometers over the speed limit you are judged to have driven determines how many demerit points are added to your record.

  • 0-15km over: 0 demerit points

  • 16-29km over: 3 demerit points

  • 30-49km over: 4 demerit points

  • 50+ km over: 6 demerit points

In Brampton, Ontario, if you are caught driving at a speed exceeding fifty kilometers per hour over the posted limit, you could face harsh legal repercussions. You can be charged with careless driving, stunt driving, racing, and/or excessive speed in addition to receiving a speeding ticket.

In Ontario, there are severe consequences for being accused of stunt driving. You can lose your license and be subject to a minimum fine of $2,000 if you are found guilty of stunt driving. Depending on the particulars of the infraction, the severity of the penalties may differ, but they may include fines, demerit points, license suspension, car seizure, and in certain situations, criminal charges as well.

Any accusations of speeding should be taken seriously, and you should see a skilled traffic attorney for legal counsel. A knowledgeable attorney can examine the specifics of your case, evaluate your available options, and offer competent court representation. By seeking legal advice, you might be able to lessen the consequences of the accusations and keep your driving rights intact.

  • At RRM Law, our expert team of attorneys is aware of how dangerous it is to face charges of reckless driving and excessive speeding. Our commitment is to provide you with tailored legal support to help you navigate the legal system and get the best outcome possible for your case.

  • For experienced legal representation and assistance if you have been charged with exceeding the speed limit in Brampton by fifty kilometers per hour, don't hesitate to get in touch with RRM Law. Our goal is to stand up for your interests and defend your rights.

  • How Can I Get Rid of My Speeding Ticket?

  • Examine Your Choices

  • There are three options available to you when you receive a speeding ticket:

  • 1. Plead Guilty

  • 2. Pursue Early Resolution

  • 3. Opt for Trial

  • If you select the trial option, you can appear in traffic court to challenge the speeding ticket. But be aware that certain courts might want an early settlement before setting a trial date.

  • Make Use of RRM Law's Legal Knowledge

  • It is imperative that you seek the advice of a knowledgeable legal team in order to reduce the consequences of your speeding citation, such as demerit points, penalties, and insurance prices. Our skilled legal experts at RRM Law, some of whom have served as police officers in the past, have a track record of successfully assisting clients with court procedures and putting up strong arguments to get the best outcomes.

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